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Resetting BB-8

mike moran Updated by mike moran

Place BB-8 on the charger, hold it there with one hand and press the button on the side of the charger with the other. While still holding the button down, remove BB-8 from the charging base. The droid should not light up if you have done this successfully. After a few seconds, place BB-8 back on the charging base to wake it up again, and attempt to connect.

We can also force a firmware update.  To reset BB-8, place your droid on the charging dock, connect to WiFi and launch the BB-8 application. Once the application has loaded, scroll down and tap "SETTINGS." Then, click the upper right-hand arrow two times until you reach the "ADVANCED SETTINGS" page. Choose the second option "Force Firmware Update."

If you are connected to WiFi, BB-8 will begin a firmware update. Once completed you will be returned to the main app screen and ready to use BB-8 anew!

Note: You can consider this process the equivalent to hard-resetting a computer, only to be done when all other options have been exhausted.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please open a new support ticket.

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