Replacement Charging Cables

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Charging Cables Available for Purchase

Sphero BOLT Charging Base + Charging Cable

Sphero BOLT Charging Cable

Sphero BOLT Power Pack Adapter

SPRK+ Charging Cable

SPRK+ Power Pack Adapter

Sphero Droids Charging Cable

Sphero RVR Charging Cable

littleBits Products

Sphero 2.0 + Sphero SPRK Edition

Sphero no longer has these available for purchase. You can use the following specs: the charger has a 3.5 mm outside diameter x 1.3 mm inside diameter hole, and the entire connector is 10mm long/deep. It is 12V 500mA with the center being positive. We have found retailers, like Amazon, that provide alternative charging cables that meet these specifications.

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen

Please contact for information on replacement charging cables.

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