Droid Troubleshooting

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If you’re having trouble driving your Droid™ using the controls on your app, there are a couple of things you can try.


Check your device

Make sure your orange control hub Bit is connected to your device. Your control hub Bit is connected when the LED on the control hub Bit turns green. Make sure the connection light on the bottom right of the app screen is green. If it flashes, click on it and check the connection status.


Check your circuit

  1. Make sure your blue power Bit is on. You should see a red LED shining on it. If you don’t see the red light, or if there’s also a yellow low battery light on, you may want to switch to a new 9 volt battery.
  2. Make sure your Bits are arranged in the correct order. Remember that you always need your battery and Blue power Bit & at the beginning of your circuit followed by the orange control hub Bit.
  3. You can also try gently wiping down the ends of the bitSnaps™ with a soft clean cloth. Sometimes dust gets in the way of a strong connection. Try unsnapping, cleaning the bitSnaps, and snapping it all back together again.
  4. Make sure the servo Bit and DC motor Bit are connected to the correct bitSnaps on the control hub Bit. The DC motor Bit should be snapped to bitSnap 3 and the servo Bit should be snapped to the center Bitsnap.


Check your parts

  1. Make sure the green DC motor Bit is securely attached between the clips of the wheel frame.
  2. Make sure the drive gear and spike gear are touching each other. The teeth on the drive gear and spike gear should spin smoothly together with the controls.
  3. Make sure the servo Bit assembly is securely attached to the wheel frame.
  4. Make sure the large wheels are securely attached to the axle.
  5. Make sure the body base is securely attached to the wheel frame.
  6. Press hard on the leg so that the ‘feet’ press firmly in the holes of the body.
  7. Make sure the Droid’s legs are covering the wheels, but not touching them.


If you’re still having trouble, our Customer Success is happy to help! You can contact us here or at support@sphero.com

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