Droid Servo Alignment Off Center

Quinn McRae Updated by Quinn McRae

We're sorry to hear that, but we can help you out.

There is a possibility that the alignment issue you are seeing is caused by a plastic part being adhered to the servo at a slight angle. We need to look a bit further to determine if that is the cause or if there could be an issue with the Control Hub.

If you'd be willing to test for that, here's what we'd like you to do:

1) Connect the Servo Motor **directly after** the Power bit.

2) Make sure the Servo is in "Turn" mode.

3) Power the circuit on.

4) Take a photo of your servo bit, oriented with the shaft cap pointing up like in this picture:

5) Then turn the servo to "Swing" Mode.

6) Either take a video of the swinging servo or otherwise capture the extent to which the shaft turns

Please send the photo and video to support@sphero.com and we'll take it from there.  It also greatly helps us out when you also include your shipping address, phone number and kit serial number.

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