What devices is Force Band compatible with?

Updated 8 months ago by Micah Daby

Force Band is Platform Agnostic and works with many BLE iOS and Android devices.  Specific operating systems and device requirements are as follows:


Device ModelOS Version
iPad 3+iOS 10+
iPhone 4S+iOS 10+
iPod Touch 5th Generation +iOS 10+


Android devices, while having OS 5 or higher, must have all of the following hardware in order to operate with Force Band:

  • Bluetooth LE (4.0)
  • Front and rear-facing cameras
  • Microphone
  • Distinct multi-touch landscape touchscreen
  • Hardware sensors including gyroscope and accelerometer
  • WiFi capabilities

Force Band is compatible with Kindle devices running Android 4.4 or higher. Kindle devices must also meet the following specifications: 

  • Bluetooth LE (4.0)
  • 1GB of RAM recommended

Without this hardware, the Sphero Force Band app will not show up for download in the Google Play store.

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