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Using Sphero Mini Face Drive

Micah Daby Updated by Micah Daby

Face Drive is a completely new and exclusive way to drive your Sphero Mini robot, but it can take a little while to get the hang of.

Here are the basics of controlling your Sphero Mini:

  1. Start by aiming Sphero Mini
  2. Position your face so that it is fully visible in the on-screen circle and the pink shading disappears
  3. Tap the "play" button (on the bottom left of the camera portal) to start Face Drive
  4. Use your face to control Sphero Mini
    1. Smile to go forward
    2. Frown to go backward
    3. Tilt your head left or right to drive left or right
    4. An angry face makes Mini run away
    5. A surprised face makes Mini do a little dance
    6. A wink makes Mini change color

Is Mini driving too fast? Smile, frown, and tilt your head less. Sphero Mini's speed is controlled by the degree to which you emote. You can also control the maximum speed of your Sphero Mini by adjusting the speed slider on the settings screen.

We also hid a few Face Drive easter eggs. Try playing ‘Peekaboo’ with Mini. Close both eyes until you hear a notification tone. Mini will flash in red and blue to play with you. When you open your eyes and Mini is red, Mini gives you a raspberry. When you open your eyes and Mini is blue, Mini will laugh at you! Also, try bobbing your head, Mini will play some music for you.

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