Code was Uploaded, but Circuit doesn't Show Expected Output

Quinn McRae Updated by Quinn McRae

To simplify, let's make sure the codeBit's micro USB port is connected, via cable, to the USB port of your computer.

Select the "Hello World" program and close out of the video that plays. Your circuit should look like this:

After pressing "Upload" in the Code Kit app, the button will change to "Uploaded" with a white checkmark when it's successful.

Now you can disconnect the USB cable connected to the micro USB port on the codeBit.

When you press the i3 button bit, you should see text scrolling across the LED Matrix screen.

If you do not see scrolling text, try disconnecting the circuit, wiping down the magnetic bitSnaps, and reconnecting everything in the same order as above. If you see something odd, please share a video.

If you still do not see scrolling text after pressing the button, try swapping out for another input like a dimmer or slide dimmer.

If after all this you still do not see the expected output, please reach out to

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