What Sphero products are Kindle devices compatible with?

Updated 5 months ago by mike moran

Kindle is compatible with three different Sphero apps: Force Band, Sphero Edu, and Sphero. For details, please see the table below: 

Sphero ProductKindle Specifications
Force Band - With Force Band app

Devices: Fire HD 8(5th gen), Fired HD 8(5th gen and 6th gen), Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen).

Minimum OS: Fire OS 5.0

Sphero/SPRK Edition - With Lightning Lab and Sphero apps    

Kindle Fire HDX 7 HDX 8.9, HD10

SPRK+ - With Lightning Lab and Sphero apps 

Devices: HDX 7, HDX 8.9, HD 10

Minimum OS: Fire OS 5.0+

BB-8/Ollie/Sphero/SPRK Edition/SPRK+ - With Lightning Lab AppKindle Fire HDX 7, HDX 8.9, HD 10

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