Sphero Mini Activity Kit FAQ

Quinn McRae Updated by Quinn McRae

I'm having trouble with the QR codes on the Activity Cards!

Luckily the QR codes are not required to access the programs for the Mini Activity Kit. The codes just point to programs that can be found otherwise on Sphero EDU.

On the Sphero EDU website:

1) Navigate to the Programs section

2) Click the filter icon and select the tag "Mini Activity Kit"

On the Sphero EDU app:

1) Navigate to the Programs section

2) Cick "Sphero" or "Sphero Programs", depending on your device

3) Click the filter icon, select the Mini and press "Apply"

4) Click the dropdown menu at the top to sort by: Date Oldest.

This will bring all the activity card activities to the top of the page. Below those will be other programs that Sphero has created for the Mini for even more fun.

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