Clever Sync

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By synchronizing data via Clever, students, teachers and classes can be created in the Sphero Edu platform.  This can simplify getting started in Sphero Edu and make it easier for teachers to use class features like assigning activities.

Getting set up with Clever Sync requires a few steps:

  1. The school’s Clever administrator needs to request Sphero Edu in the Clever site
  2. This request needs to be reviewed and approved by Sphero which typically takes a day 
  3. The school’s Clever administrator can set specific filters to control which teachers, students and classes (or “sections” in Clever terms) are available for synchronizing
  4. The synchronization process runs on the platform overnight
  5. After these steps are completed, the data should be the Sphero Edu platform and teachers and students can login using the “Sign in with Clever” option

For any of the scenarios below, the appropriate step is to contact 

  1. The request to add Sphero Edu has not been approved.  We will verify the request is not still pending.
  2. The request has been approved for at least one day, but no data appears to be in the Sphero Edu platform.  We will try to isolate which of these conditions is causing the problem and correct it. These steps will require waiting overnight for another sync process to run.
    1. The launch date for syncing data may have been set for the future
    2. The data specified for syncing does not include the desired teachers, students or classes
    3. Something has gone wrong with the syncing process to bring this data into the Sphero Edu platform.
  3. The sync process worked, but there are errors logging in.  Please provide as much detail as possible in your report about this.  Screenshots showing error messages or videos of the error are very helpful.
  4. Old classes from prior semesters or years still display in a teacher’s view of classes in  Please provide a screenshot or list of the class names. Archiving classes created via Clever sync is controlled by the sync process, so teachers cannot choose to archive these classes.

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