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Lightning McQueen not Driving

mike moran Updated by mike moran

If Lightning McQueen won't drive when connected to a mobile device, check the following: 

  1. Is Lightning fully charged? If your Lightning McQueen is extremely low on battery, he may struggle to connect and drive.

  2. Is your car plugged in and charging? If Lightning McQueen is plugged in and charging, he will not allow you to drive. Unplug Lightning to get rolling!

  3. Is Lightning McQueen fully updated? If you skip the updates when connecting to Lightning, he will not allow you to drive until all updates have been completed. To resolve, force quit the Lightning McQueen app, plug him into his power source, re-launch the app to connect to Lightning, and complete the update.  NOTE - if you encounter an issue with the update getting stuck or interrupted, please force close the app, and re-launch the Lighting McQueen application to continue the update.

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