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Place BB-­8 on the charger, open the BB­8 app on your smartphone or tablet to connect to your droid. Once connected, select 'Watch With Me' in the main menu of the BB-8 app, follow the on-screen instructions and...

  • BB­8 visibly reacts to events in the movie with animations and sounds. BB­8’s audible reactions will come from the app.
  • This feature taps into the same technology that is used in the voice command and helps BB-8 discover on its own where the user is in the movie.
  • From there, the user can skip around the movie, start the movie anywhere, or enter the app while watching the movie, and the app will find where it should be.

The user only needs to connect to BB­8 (like normal), enter the feature within the app, start the movie and enjoy! 

Note:  Make sure that your mobile device is near your speakers (within ear-shot) while using the Watch With Me feature.

In early 2020, new Google Play technical requirements resulted in a required update to the Star Wars Droids app. To accommodate these technical requirements, a number of app features had to be removed in release, including Force Band Support and BB-8 animations. Watch With Me is available in Version, but BB-8 will not animate.

BB-8 animations for Watch With Me are available in the iOS version of the app.

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