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R2-D2 Play Modes

mike moran Updated by mike moran

R2-D2 utilizes the Star Wars Droids App by Sphero to bring your Droid to life! Play and interact with R2-D2 using any of the 5 main in-app modes. Click the links below for more details on each mode:

  1. Droid Control - Drive your R2-D2 and control his animations.
  2. Patrol - Send R2-D2 our on his own to survey the surroundings.
  3. Draw and Drive - Draw a distinct path on your screen for R2-D2 to follow.
  4. Watch With Me - Watch select Star Wars films with your R2-D2 and see him react to what is happening on the screen.
  5. AR Mode - Explore the Star Wars universe with your R2-D2.
  6. Droid Interactions - Watch your Droid interact with other Droids or toggle on Human Interaction for a desktop companion.

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