​Update: Sphero Compatibility with Chrome OS

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The Sphero EDU Chrome app has been removed from the Chrome webstore. All Chromebook users need to download the Sphero EDU Android app from the Google Play store. To learn more about Sphero Edu accessibility on Chromebooks, visit this support page.

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Update: Sphero Compatibility with Chrome OS

January 31st, 2020

We have some good news to share! As of today, all Sphero robots are now compatible with the Sphero Edu app on Chromebooks running the latest versions of Chrome OS.

In late 2019, a number of Sphero robots stopped working with the Sphero Edu app on Chromebooks. This was linked to changes made in the Chrome OS 78 release. Over the past few months we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Google to find a resolution to the issue, and we are excited to share that now all Sphero robots supported in the Sphero Edu app are compatible with the latest Chrome OS releases.


What’s being released?

Chrome OS version 79.0.3945.105 or higher (available on the stable channel) will provide compatibility with all Sphero robots.

What’s fixed?

A number of robots that could not connect in Chrome 78 can now connect to the Sphero Edu app. This includes:

  • Sphero Mini
  • R2-D2
  • R2-Q5
  • BB-9E

Where can I get this release?

This release is accessible via the “Settings” menu on your Chromebook. Below are steps to get you going in the right direction:

  • Open “Settings” on your Chromebook.
  • Click “About Chrome OS” at the bottom of the left hand settings menu.
  • Check the version number on the “About Chrome OS” screen and click the button that says “Check For Updates” if the version number is below 79.0.3945.105.

If you are experiencing issues connecting to your Chromebooks, please review our support documentation, or email us at support@sphero.com.

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