Using Computer Science Foundations

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How do my students get access to CS Foundations?

Once a student has a Sphero EDU account and are in one of your classes, they'll have access to CS Foundations content. They'll be able to access their activities from the CS Foundations tab, or the workbook if you've assigned a lesson.

The CS Foundations tab doesn’t appear on my app?

Please be sure that your app to the latest version. If it is and you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to so we can troubleshoot further.

Which robots can I use CS Foundations with?

Though CS Foundations was created specifically with BOLT in mind, you can use the courses with BOLT, SPRK+, Sphero Mini, or any of our other spherical robots.

How do I assign lessons to my students?

Click on the activity you wish to assign and in the upper right hand corner of your account. Click "assign", select the desired students as well as the lesson you want them to complete. Once that's done, the content will then appear in their workbooks.

How do I check student’s progress?

Click on the classes button within the blue tool bar. Once there you can check progress two ways. The first is by selecting an individual student to see their specific progress. The second is to choose a lesson, where you can see all students' progress in the given course.

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