Instructions for the Base Inventor, Electronic Music Inventor, and Space Rover Inventor Kits

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You can find the instructions in the new littleBits App here:

On the iOS App Store

On the Google Play Store

The app is compatible with iOS 9.0 and up and Android 5.0 and up and will be required for controlling the w33 Control Hub bit in the Space Rover Inventor Kit.

Note: This is a different app than the previously released "littleBits Invent App"


If you have issues with the app, you can follow video invention instructions linked below:

Base Inventor Kit - All Inventions (playlist)

Base Inventor Kit - Stuff Protector 

Base Inventor Kit - Automatic Light

Base Inventor Kit - Navigator

Base Inventor Kit - Gripper

Base Inventor Kit - Automatic Gripper

Base Inventor Kit - Trash Chomper

Base Inventor Kit - Sea Cleaner


Electronic Music Inventor Kit -  Keytar

Electronic Music Inventor Kit -  Rhythm Guitar

Electronic Music Inventor Kit -  Dance Guitar

Electronic Music Inventor Kit -  Magic Guitar

Electronic Music Inventor Kit -  Air Drum

Note: the Space Rover Inventor Kit does require app bluetooth connection, specifically the *controls* section of the app.

Rover Base

Rover Upgrades

Rover Arm

Space Hammer

Cargo Carrier

Boulder Bumper

High-Beam Headlights

Light Meter

Solar Seeker

Motion Detector

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