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Watch With Me Mode (Star Wars)

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Watch With Me mode lets you watch Star Wars movies with your droid. Currently, you can watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens™, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story™Star Wars: A New Hope™, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back™, and Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi™ with any of the app-enabled droids by Sphero -- up to one of each kind of droid. Watch as they interact with each other and animate in real time to what is happening in the movie. 

  • Your droid will visibly react to events in the movie with animations and sounds - audible reactions will come from the app.
  • This feature taps into the same technology that is used in the voice command and helps your droid discover on its own where the user is in the movie.
  • From there, the user can skip around the movie, start the movie anywhere, or enter the app while watching the movie, and the app will find where it should be.

You will need to have the app open to Watch With Me mode during the movie. For best results, plug in all droids and smart devices. Connect to multiple droids by tapping the scan button and tapping on the icons of the droids you want to connect to. Tap 'Confirm' and you should be connected to the desired droids. You must have a copy of the movie selected in the sub-menu. Once you have followed the steps outlined, start the movie anytime!

Note: Make sure that your mobile device is near your speakers (within ear-shot) while using the Watch With Me feature.

A few points to consider if you're having difficulty with Watch With Me Mode:

  • Can you confirm that you've accepted microphone permissions for the app? If you go to your device Settings, then Apps, then Droids by Sphero, then Permissions, there should be a toggle to enable or disable microphone permissions.
  • Have you confirmed that you're selecting the appropriate language for the copies of the movies you're attempting to watch? An English movie won't sync if you've accidentally selected Chinese, for example.
  • Have you tried placing your compatible device running the app right next to the TV's speaker? Or if you have stereo right and left speakers, placing it right between the two?
  • Sometimes it can take 2 or 3 minutes to sync. Make sure when you are entering the syncing screen, and try starting the movie from the beginning once you're on that screen.
  • Try seeing if the feature works on another smartphone or tablet in your household, or invite a friend over and try theirs. 

If your Sphero Star Wars Droids app crashes during Watch With Me Mode, review these troubleshooting steps.

All devices must have at least 1 GB of available RAM for Watch With Me to show up.

If your device is not compatible with the Watch With Me feature, it likely will not appear as an option in the Sphero BB-8 app. Even if the feature does not show up as an option in the main menu, all other features and functionality will work as they did prior to any app updates; you will not lose any functionality.

In early 2020, new Google Play technical requirements resulted in a required update to the Star Wars Droids app. To accommodate these technical requirements, a number of app features had to be removed in release, including the following:

• Force Band support
• BB-8 animations

Watch With Me is available for R2-D2 and BB-9E in Version of the Android app, but BB-8 will not animate.

All of these features are still available on the iOS version of the Star Wars Droids app for R2-D2, BB-9E and BB-8.

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