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Droid Interactions in the Droids App

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Using the Droids App by Sphero, Sphero Star Wars Droids can interact with other Droids and humans, independent of the application. Simply connect your favorite Droid to the Droids app by Sphero, navigate to the Droid Interaction section of the application toggle on one of the two interaction options: 

  1. Human Interaction -- Your Droid will react when it senses you are near or pick it up. Your Droid must be plugged in and charging, and disconnected from the application for human interactions to work. Once toggled on, disconnect from the application while your Droid is plugged in and watch it react to your presence. Please allow 5 seconds after disconnecting and in between interactions for your Droid to react.
    If your Droid is already plugged in when the app disconnects, unplug it and plug it back in to initiate human interaction.
    Note: Human interaction is not compatible with BB-8 at this time.

  2. Droid Interaction -- Watch all the Star Wars Droids by Sphero have conversations and react to one another for up to 15 minutes. Once Droid Interactions are enabled, and you're disconnected from BB-9E, R2-D2 or R2-Q5, those Droids with initiate interactions with nearby Droids. Droid interactions are not constant and happen periodically over a 15-minute span.
    Please allow 3 minutes after disconnecting from your Droid for interactions to begin.
    Note: BB-8 can participate in Droid to Droid interactions, but cannot initiate them.

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