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What do the Different Force Band Lights Mean?

mike moran Updated by mike moran

Blinking white: updating firmware, connecting to the app, in the menu, unlock more modes in the app, please look at the app

Solid white: connected to the app, firmware update complete

Blinking orange: Droid Control not yet selected

Solid orange: Droid Control selected

Blinking blue during Droid Control: band is in Aim mode

Blinking light blue: Combat Training not yet selected

Solid light blue: Combat Training selected

Blinking yellow: Force Awareness not yet selected

Solid yellow: Force Awareness selected

Blinking violet: Sleep mode not yet selected

Solid violet: Sleep mode selected

Solid purple: Force Control selected

Pulsing gray: charging

Solid green: fully charged

Blinking red: charging required, error states, firmware corrupt

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