International Shipping

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How is Shipping Calculated?

You will be quoted specific delivery times at the time of checkout that is based on your selected destination country, and the shipping methods available for the items in your shipping cart.

How much Does International Shipping Cost?

International shipping is calculated based on a number of factors, including the desired shipping speed, the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country. International shipping will be calculated in the cart.

How much Duty and Taxes are Charged on International Orders?

The shipping fee calculated during the checkout process does not include duties and taxes. The customer is responsible for any duties and taxes associated with the import of your shipment into the destination country.

Duty (or customs tariffs) is set by the destination country customs authorities and is determined based on a combination of the country of origin (manufacturing) of the goods being purchased and the classification of that merchandise in accordance with a harmonized system adopted and used by the countries we ship tp. Value Added Tax (VAT) rates are set by the destination country.

We have a tool on our website that helps estimate the duties and taxes you will have to pay upon delivery. If you click the circle flag on the bottom right-hand corner of the website, and select your country, you can see estimated duties and taxes on each product page. This is an estimate - we cannot guarantee this amount.

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