Changing support for iOS 9 in the Fall of 2020

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What's New?

Starting in the Fall of 2020, Sphero Edu will no longer support iOS 9. This means Sphero Edu 6.0.0 and above will not be available on Apple devices running iOS 9.

Removing iOS 9 support allows us to ensure our app is built using the latest, most secure development features. Ultimately, it allows us to make the Sphero Edu app better and safer for all users.

Certain iPhones and iPads do not support versions of iOS higher than iOS 9. We realize this may be disruptive to some customers who rely on these devices. Please continue reading to determine how you will be affected by this upcoming change. 

What Should I Do?

If your Apple devices are running iOS 10, 11, 12, 13, or higher, then no worries! You will continue getting new versions of Sphero EDU without concern.

If you are running iOS 9 and wish to use future versions of Sphero Edu, then you must update your devices to a newer version of iOS. If your device does not support a version greater than iOS 9, then you will need to acquire newer Apple devices that support iOS 10 or higher.

What Devices Will Be Affected?

Certain iPhones and iPads do not support versions of iOS higher than iOS 9. These older models, primarily released in 2011 and 2012, are locked to iOS 9 and will never be able to update to a version high enough to support Sphero Edu 6.0.0 or newer. Since this is the case, we will no longer officially support the following devices, starting with the Sphero Edu 6.0.0 release:


Release Year:

iPhone 4s


iPad (2nd gen)


iPad (3rd gen)


iPad Mini (1st gen)


iPod Touch (5th gen)


What Happens If I Don't Upgrade to iOS 10+ or Get New Devices?

You will still have access to the version of Sphero Edu already on your devices. You will be able to continue using version 5, though you will not have access to the newest features in Sphero Edu 6.0.0 or higher. Starting with the Sphero Edu 6.0.0 release, we will no longer officially support these older versions of the Sphero app, or the incompatible devices listed above. We recommend upgrading when possible.

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