Pre-Order indi™ Student Kit + indi™ Class Pack

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When can I order the indi™ Student Kit + indi™ Class Pack?

The indi Student Kit and indi Class Pack are available to purchase on as of Tuesday, May 17th.

When will my preorder item arrive?

Both of these items are expected to ship in September 2021. If your order included other items, all items will ship together in September. If you need the other items in your order prior to September, please contact

I am unable to pay with a credit card online. Can I use a purchase order?

Yes - we accept purchase orders. Please email a copy of your PO to If ordering with a PO, you will be invoiced for your order once it ships. If you need a quote prior to placing a PO, please use our online quoting tool or email to speak with a member of our Edu team.

Can I pay for these items before they ship in September?

Because of the way funding works, we understand that you may need to pay for your items before they ship in September. If you are using a PO, but have a funding deadline, please submit your PO to and let our team know about your deadline. We can issue an invoice for your order prior to your funding deadline.

How do I learn more about the indi robot?

You can talk to a member of our Edu team by reaching out to

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