Is my Code Kit Circuit Set Up Correctly?

Quinn McRae Updated by Quinn McRae

In order for your Code Kit circuit to work, it has to be set up correctly! Here are some things to check: 

  • Does your circuit have Power? Your circuit always needs a power source and will need to be connected to a p3 power Bit in order for it to work! If your battery isn't working, try plugging it into the wall. 


  • Are the bitSnaps clean? Sometimes gunk can build up on the  bitSnaps of your Bits, which will prevent the signal from traveling through the circuit. Check your bitSnaps for gunk and remove it when necessary.


  • Are you using powerSnaps on all inputs that aren’t connected to p3 power? If not, add them!

  • Are your Bits on the correct inputs and outputs? Check the inputs and outputs on your circuit and code. Do they match? 

  • Is the Matrix set to Serial Mode? The LED matrix should always be on SERIAL mode if you are sending images to it through the app.

  • Is your LED matrix Bit snapped to OUT1 of the codeBit? The LED matrix should always be snapped to OUT 1 of your codeBit if you are sending images to it through the app.

  • Is your speaker Bit snapped to either OUT 2 or OUT 3? The speaker should be on OUT 2 or OUT 3 if you are sending tones through the app.


  • Is the speaker volume audible? If not, turn it up!

If you are still having trouble, reach out here.

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