iOS Sphero Edu Video Playback Issues

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Starting in May 2021, various changes to the Youtube data APIs resulted in an incompatibility with the video player used in the iOS version of Sphero Edu. This impacts all existing versions of the iOS Sphero Edu app, including the recent 6.3.0 release.

We've implemented a fix in the 6.3.1 version of Sphero Edu on iOS. This fix will ensure that Youtube video playback will continue to work for activities. Since we cannot retroactively fix the video player for past versions of Sphero Edu, users must update to 6.3.1 on their iOS devices to view Youtube video content.

Note: We recently discovered that the fix launched in version 6.3.1 may have only resolved the video playback issue for users in the United States. Other countries may still be blocking YouTube video playback.
Where Do I Get The 6.3.1 Update?

Download 6.3.1 from the App Store, located here. If you use Sphero Edu in a school and your devices are managed, work with your IT department or device administrators to get Sphero Edu updated as quickly as possible.

What if I Can't Update to 6.3.1?

Some users may not be able to install Sphero Edu 6.3.1 on their iPads/iPhones due to compatibility issues. Sphero Edu 6.3.1 requires you have iOS 12 or newer. If you are unable to access 6.3.1 for any reason, you can view all our activities and associated videos on the website.

This video playback issue only affects the iOS versions of Sphero Edu. The Android, macOS, Chromebook, and Windows versions are not impacted by this video playback issue and do not have a fix in a 6.3.1 release.

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