What Coding Language do Sphero Robots Use?

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Sphero robots can be programmed with easy drag-and-drop blocks or text-based code, but our programmable robots can also introduce kids to a variety of coding languages including C, C++, Python, Ruby, and OVAL, among others.

With Sphero apps, kids can code in three different ways:

Draw Programming: This simpler method of programming is intended for younger kids and is simply named "Draw". Users draw lines to program their robot and can modify the speed and color. Be sure to check out the introductory Draw Activities on Sphero Edu to learn more.

Block Programming: Intermediate coders can utilize the familiar block-based drag-and-drop interface. Pre-programmed blocks allow for a wide variety of actions and variables. New to block programming? Check out our Blocks intro activities.  You can view the JavaScript text code behind a block’s program by clicking on the three dots menu in the top right of the program canvas and selecting 'JavaScript Code'. You can also copy the text code, create a text program, then paste it to edit the code.

Text Programming: A more advanced method where users can program with a text editor to write custom syntax. An integrated Wiki supports users graduating from blocks to text; the same type of tool that real developers use. The Text Series of onboarding activities bring Sphero coding robots to life through code. All text coding is done using JavaScript. Text code cannot generate block code.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Sphero team directly at support@sphero.com.

Additionally, with RVR, you can easily attach external hardware like a Micro:bit or Raspberry Pi, making the RVR compatible with both Microsoft Make Code and Python.

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