Locating Missing Programs

Sara Sampson Updated by Sara Sampson

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate a program that you've worked hard to create.

While in the Sphero Edu app, ensure you are logged in to your profile. Under the "Programs" tab, you should be able to see all of your created Programs. If you have created several Programs, you may need to hit the "Load More" button several times to find the one you are looking for.

If you are using Sphero Edu on a mobile device in "Guest Mode," meaning you are not signed into your Sphero Edu account, the Programs you create are saved on your device. When you sign in to Sphero Edu after you have created Programs in Guest Mode, it will try to automatically upload them to the Sphero Edu server. Try logging into your account on your mobile device to locate your missing Programs.

We are unable to bring a Program back to life if you accidentally delete it. Please make sure you are saving your work as you go.

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