Robot Keeps Disconnecting (iOS)

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This Bluetooth connection issue has been resolved in iOS 14.6. We recommend you update to this version of iOS on your devices as quickly as possible to ensure you have a reliable connection experience.

Apple recently released an update to the iOS platform (14.1). Since the release of this update, we have noticed that some users are experiencing bluetooth connectivity issues with Sphero robots. The prior version of iOS (14) doesn't seem to be experiencing the same connectivity issues. Additionally, this only seems to be affecting those users with devices two years or older (newer Apple devices use an A12 chipset - devices with the A11 chipset are experiencing this issue).

This is a top priority for the Sphero team and we are working closely with Apple to solve this problem. Prior to Apple releasing new OS versions, we receive early release versions so that we can test them against our apps. We spend a lot of time and resources to test against Apple's software updates to ensure nothing breaks. In this specific case, it appears to be a combination of the iOS 14.1 release, the Sphero software development kit, and older versions of Apple devices.

The Sphero Edu team is working overtime to figure out what is causing the connection issues so we can deploy a fix. At this time, we do not have a solution, but can continue to update you as we find out more information.

Since of the release of this update and subsequent updates (iOS versions 14.1 and newer), we have noticed that some users are experiencing bluetooth connectivity issues with Sphero robots.

If you have other devices that have not been updated to iOS 14.1 or later versions, we recommend utilizing those devices with your Sphero robots.

If there are any questions we can help answer or would like to be added to our list for updates as they become available, please reach out to us at

We apologize we don't have an immediate solution, and thank you for your patience as we dig into this further.

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