Downloading Sphero Edu on Microsoft Devices [Archived]

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[archived - see Windows deployment guide here]

General Installation of Sphero Edu onto a Windows Device

For many users, the most straightforward and official way to download the Sphero Edu app is through the Microsoft Store.

When you click on the above URL, you will be redirected to the app listing in your default language/region. Per your account settings, you can optionally have updates automatically applied. This will ensure your Sphero Edu app is always up to date with any new feature releases or patches.

In some cases, you may not have access to the Microsoft Store. For circumstances like these, we do provide a .msixbundle package for installation from our official download page. The .msixbundle requires App Installer for installation. App Installer is usually preinstalled on all versions of Windows that Sphero Edu is supported on.
We also provide an .exe that includes key app dependencies. If you use the .exe, it will install the dependencies before installing the .msixbundle.

Sphero Edu Deployment for Schools and Enterprise Environments

The most straightforward way to deploy Sphero Edu to a Windows device pool is with a Mobile Device Management solution (MDM). If you are an IT administrator for a school or district, we recommend using Intune for Education, which is Microsoft's official solution for deploying apps and managing devices in a school environment. You can learn more about Intune at this article: Use Intune for Education to manage groups, apps, and settings.

The page above has 3 links that are useful for understanding Intune:

When using Intune, you can deploy the Sphero Edu app from the Microsoft Store, or deploy the .msixbundle we provide on our official download page. If needed, we also include the .msixbundle dependencies in a zipped folder on the official download page.

Many MDM solutions for Windows will most likely be compatible with our Sphero Edu store listing or .msixbundle. However, we are unable to test all configurations and MDM tools. If you have any specific questions, please contact our support team and we may be able to assist.

For additional information on Windows deployment solutions with Sphero Edu, please review this Microsoft document: MSIX App Distribution

Beyond Intune, the above article provides links for the following potential deployment solutions:

  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft Store for Business and Education (which will be retired in 2023)
  • IIS server Deployment for Windows 10
  • App Center
  • PowerShell

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