Downloading Sphero Edu on Microsoft Devices

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Installation of Sphero Edu onto a Microsoft Device

To download the Sphero Edu app on your Microsoft device, please download Sphero Edu via the Microsoft Store or via the Microsoft Store for Education.

When you click on the above URLs, you will be redirected to your default language/country.

Bulk Installation of Sphero Edu onto Microsoft Devices

There are currently two options for installing the Sphero Edu app on Windows devices:

1. Intune for EDU to deploy and manage apps and devices by central IT of a school/school district is the best option for schools who have it (this is part of the Microsoft 365 EDU SKU).

The page above has 3 links that are useful:

Use express configuration to quickly set up Intune for Education

Use Intune for Education to buy apps from the Microsoft Store for Education

Use Intune for Education to install the apps for all users in your tenant

2. For schools without Intune, the app needs to be installed manually by going to our "bulk download" URL. If a school is using devices with a shared account, then the device should be logged in on that shared account for the installation.

Sphero does not offer the Sphero Edu app in a downloadable .exe or .msi installation file right now. The only file that Sphero can provide is the .appx file that is distributed via the Windows app store. You can contact for a link to download the .appx file if necessary. This is a solution if you are unable to access the Windows app store, but this is not recommended by Sphero's software development team as a great solution for mass distribution.

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