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Troubleshooting Spider-Man Connection Issues

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Prior to troubleshooting, if you have never connected to Spider-Man, first ensure that you are using a compatible device: link to compatibility page.

If you're using a compatible device, double check that your device has Bluetooth and WiFi enabled. If you're using an Android device, also enable Location Services. Spider-Man utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 (and Wi-Fi upon first connection) to create a connection to your device, so no pairing through the Bluetooth menu is necessary. Simply launch the Spider-Man app and hold your device close to Spidey. 

If your connection issue persists, try the following steps: 

  1. Uninstall the Spider-Man application 
  2. Restart your device 
  3. Reinstall the Spider-Man application
  4. Turn Spider-Man off and then back on
  5. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled (as well as Location Services for Android users) and you have a strong WiFi connection
  6. Launch app with device close to Spidey

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