Creating Classes with Google + Clever

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For schools using lots-o’-bots in the classroom, we developed some special features to make your lives easier. Having issues loading Sphero Edu? Some schools have tight firewalls and security, so you may need to check these 3 things to get Sphero Edu working:

  • Open ports 80 and 443 to allow web traffic, these ports are sometimes blocked; and
  • Whitelist the email that sends account activation emails; and
  • Ensure users can view YouTube videos, or whitelist the Sphero Edu Youtube channel.

All Educators

  • Create an account to automatically save your Programs and Activities in the cloud
  • Use our CSV uploader to quickly create student accounts
  • Build your own Activities, assign them to students and track progress in real-time

Google Users

Google provides anyone with a Google ID a secure way to sign in to Sphero Edu, and if you are a G Suite for Education or Google Classroom user it also syncs rosters and has the ability to assign activities into Google Classroom student dashboards.

  1. Sign in With Google: Educators and learners can sign up and sign in using an existing Google ID instead of manually creating accounts on Sphero Edu.
  2. Add to Classroom: Educators can use the Google Classroom button on activities to assign Sphero Edu content to a Google assignment or give students a choice of Sphero Edu activities that satisfy a requirement.
  3. Classroom Sync: Google Classroom students can automatically sync for verified educators in Sphero Edu. Follow these steps to setup classroom sync:
    1. Create an Educator account on Sphero Edu. If you have a Google ID use the "Sign in with Google" button
    2. Go to the Classes section
    3. Click the "Sync with Google Classroom" button and follow the instructions

Clever Users

Clever provides a secure way for students and teachers to sign in to Sphero Edu, and syncs rosters to reflect central updates made by your IT administrator.

IT Admin Setup

  1. Request the Sphero Edu app in the Clever portal and we’ll approve it within one business day
  2. We appreciate you limiting sync requests to the schools that need it so unnecessary student data is not shared. Contact with questions
  3. Your data begins syncing the next day and users can sign in to the Sphero Edu platform with Clever

Teacher & Student Login

  1. Ensure your IT admin has set up Clever sync and it’s been approved by Sphero
  2. Go to or download the app and click "Sign in with Clever":
  3. On the Clever sign-in page search for your school name and select it
  4. Enter your Clever username and password
  5. Edit your automated user name if you choose

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