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Signing up for an account in Sphero Edu is optional. You can still access the core programming features of the app without an account, but there are some big advantages to creating an account: 

  1. Program Storage: Cloud storage so you can access your programs on any device, and they are backed up in case you lose your device
  2. Publishing: Publishing content such as images, videos, programs, comments, and activities, as well as being able to run programs that other users have shared
  3. Activities: Logging progress on Activities so you can pick up where you left off, and complete Activities

 There are 3 account types which determine your capabilities on the platform: 

  1. Learner: Intended for students in school and most general users
  2. Educator: Intended for instructors in schools and education settings
  3. Parent: Has the same access as an educator, but a simpler sign up process for parents who mainly want to set up an account for their children




Learner 13+ Years Old

Learner <13 Years Old

Build Programs

Track Activities

Create Activities

Publish Public Content

With Permission

With Permission 

Post Public Comments

With Permission

With Permission

Class/Family Management

Google Sign In

With Permission

Google Classroom & G Suite


Clever Sign In & Roster Sync*

*Districts IT Admins must request access through their Clever admin portal 

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