Sphero Edu + Google Classrooms

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Google provides anyone with a Google ID a secure way to sign in to Sphero Edu, and if you are a G Suite for Education or Google Classroom user it also syncs rosters and has the ability to assign activities into Google Classroom student dashboards.

  1. Sign in With Google: Educators and learners can sign up and sign in using an existing Google ID instead of manually creating accounts on Sphero Edu.
  2. Add to Classroom: Educators can use the Google Classroom button on activities to assign Sphero Edu content to a Google assignment or give students a choice of Sphero Edu activities that satisfy a requirement.
  3. Classroom Sync: Google Classroom students can automatically sync for verified educators in Sphero Edu. Follow these steps to setup classroom sync:
    1. Create an Educator account on Sphero Edu. If you have a Google ID use the "Sign in with Google" button
    2. Go to the Classes section
    3. Click the "Sync with Google Classroom" button and follow the instructions

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