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We sincerely appreciate your patience while our team worked on restoring cloudBit software service. We were recently able to fix enough of the connection to so that most users should now be able to setup and control cloudBits. That said, we are still experiencing unexpected server errors and are working out a fix for the IFTTT connection as well.  If you have any issues you would like to report, please send us a message at

What Wifi networks are supported?

At this time, littleBits cloudBits supports 2.4GHz b, g or n wifi networks with the following security models:

  • WEP
  • WPA Personal (AES & TKIP)
  • WPA2 Personal (AES & TKIP)
  • Hidden networks of the above security types (hidden SSID)

At this time, we don't support:

  • Enterprise Security (WPA Enterprise, 802.1x)
  • Devices using custom (user-configured) DNS while setting up your cloudBit
  • Configuring the cloudBit with a static IP address (local DHCP static leases will work)
  • Post-connection login (like an html page that makes you enter the password, such as hotels or other public wifi)
  • Certain enterprise networks with strict firewall filtering

Also, please note:

  • DHCP is required - no local static IPs
  • the cloudBit connects using port 443 (HTTPS), so this port cannot be blocked
  • if your network needs to whitelist MAC addresses, you can find the MAC of the cloudBit in Cloud Control settings panel, the device id is the MAC address

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