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Putting BB-8 in Deep Sleep

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When you close the app, BB-8 goes to sleep. When you put your droid on the charger, it will self-align for optimal charging then turns off. When you launch the app, BB-8 will wake up and connect again automatically.

If you're not going to use your droid for an extended amount of time, we suggest putting your droid to deep sleep for the "long winter" and not storing it on its charging base. Note: to put BB-8 into sleep mode, the app needs to be completely closed and not running in the background.

For the best way to maintain your battery, prior to putting the droid into deep sleep, we recommend first running the battery down to 50% and then putting in deep sleep. The most important thing to note is that, when not in use, the droid should be stored in deep sleep off of the charging base and in a cool area between 50-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can put your droid into deep sleep via the app you're using, or you can put your droid into deep sleep by simply placing your droid on the charging base and holding down the button on the side of the charging base while simultaneously lifting the droid off of the base.  Your droid is now in deep sleep!

Do not return your droid to the charging base – your droid in deep sleep should not be stored on the charging base.

To wake your droid from deep sleep, simply place your droid back on the charging base.

You can learn more about the batteries used in Sphero app-enabled droids here.

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