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Connecting to Lightning McQueen

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First and foremost, you will need to install the Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero app on either your Android or iOS device:

Android -

iOS -

Once you have successfully installed the mobile app, you should now be ready to connect to Lightning McQueen. Click here for more information on device compatibility for Lightning McQueen. 

INITIAL UPDATE REQUIRED- The first time you connect to Lightning McQueen you will need to run an update. When updating Lightning McQueen, please ensure that he is plugged into his power adapter. We recommend plugging him in first and then connecting to the app as a best practice. Most updates take between 9-12 minutes. If it takes longer than 12 minutes, try connecting to a different WiFi network. 

Once you have connected and run all successful updates you should see a "Start" button as shown below:

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