What is the warranty for littlebits products?

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Any littleBits products purchased are protected by a 90 day warranty from the date of receipt. If you’ve noticed that one of your bits modules seems to be working improperly, please contact us and we’d be happy to assist.

If your product is beyond warranty, you might be interested in our new extended warranty program, Bitcare.

What is Bitcare?

At littleBits, we believe schools, teachers, and students should have the best experience possible with our products. Our two-year Bitcare programs makes it easy to get replacement Bits and accessories that stop working from normal wear and tear or the usual accidents, like drops. We’ll protect your investment in STEAM so that you can focus on play, making the ‘hands-on’ aspect of our learning the only thing that matters.

What is Covered under the plan?

  • Normal wear and tear and accidental damage, subject to certain limitations
  • Defects in materials or workmanship, manufacturer defects.

What is not Covered?

  • Intentional damage, lost, stolen, irretrievable items, cosmetic damage, commercial batteries, packaging, collateral, and storage.

How much does Bitcare cost, and and how are my bits and accessories covered?

There are three, two year term product tiers for Bitcare, depending on your school's needs

15 Bits for $99

50 Bits for $299

150 Bits for $699

All three plans last for two years, or until the allotment of Bits is reached, whichever occurs first. Covered accessories do not count against your bit allotment. Whether you have a small collection of bits from your first purchase, or a vast library, there's a plan that is a right fit for your school.


What countries is Bitcare available in?

Bitcare is available in the United States only at this time.

Can I renew my Bitcare subscription?

Yes! If your two year term has elapsed or you have reached your Bit limit, your school may purchase a new Bitcare plan.

How do I protect my products with Bitcare?

How do I purchase Bitcare?

You can purchase and enroll Bitcare from our shop or through your littleBits Education Specialist.


I have littleBits products that my school purchased at different times during the last few years, can I purchase Bitcare?

Yes, your school may purchase Bitcare at anytime. It will cover any bits the school owns, no matter what the age of the bits, subject to availability of out-of-production, or "end of life" bits and accessories.

Does my current littleBits warranty still apply to my kits?

Yes. littleBits Limited Warranty is 90 days, and covers manufacturers defects only. Bitcare begins from your purchase or invoice date, runs concurrently with the Limited Warranty, but covers a lot more!

Do I need to send my non-working Bits to littleBits in order to get replacements?

littleBits will usually require the Bits to be returned. Contact our Customer Success team and we’ll let you know.



Can I buy Bitcare through my reseller?

Bitcare is not currently available for purchase via resellers. Please reach out to littleBits within 90 days of your purchase to enroll Bitcare for your kits.

Using Bitcare

How do I submit a claim?

Complete the form, “Submit a Bitcare claim” from our Support page here. Your school may submit one claim per calendar month. littleBits will verify your schools eligibility and facilitate the exchange process under the Bitcare protection plan.

How long does it take to get my replacement Bits?

Replacements should usually arrive within 5-7 business days from when your claim is approved.

I purchased a previous version of Bitcare, how does this affect my contract? 

Your plan is still active and your approved products will still be covered. If you would like to upgrade to our current Bitcare offerings, Contact our Customer Success team.

Terms and Conditions

See our full Terms and Conditions for Bitcare here.

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