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Spider-Man Play Modes

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Spider-Man comes to life thanks to his Spider-Sense abilities. A built-in motion detector triggers greetings, phrases, and all sorts of expressions. His fully animated LCD eyes let you know exactly what's on his mind, while advanced speech recognition allows him to engage in endless banter with you.

To have Spider-Man choose a fun activity, press the spider button once.

To choose a specific activity yourself or to talk with Spider-Man, double press the spider button, wait for the spider light to glow, and tell him what you'd like to do (or ask him a question):

  1. Team Up - Double press the spider button and say, "Practice our skills."

  2. Hang Out - Double press the spider button and say, "Tell me a joke," "Let's chat," or "Tell me a story."

  3. Fight Villains - Double press the spider button and say, "Fight some bad guys."

Sometimes, you'll need to pick up Spider-Man and move him around to accomplish missions together.

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