Robot/Accessory Weights for RMA Shipments

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If you are returning one of your items, and need to know the weight of the package to create your shipping label, please use this guide.

Product Name:Weight (round up for Packaging)SKU or SKU’s
Sphero 2.01.6lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)S003, S003 SKU: BS, S003 SKU: AP, S003 SKU: RW, S003 SKU: AS, S003 SKU: Costco Retail; S003 SKU: FC
Sphero 2.0 New Packaging1.71lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)S003 SKU: RW1, S003 SKU: JP1
Ollie1.375lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments1B01 SKU: USA; 1B01 SKU: ROW, 1B01 SKU: APWW; 1B01 SKU: JAP; 1B01 SKU: ASI; 1B01 SKU: FCA
Ollie Black Limited Edition Art Refresh 11.65lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)1B01 SKU: BLE
Ollie Black Limited Edition Art Refresh 21.65lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)1B01 SKU: BV3; 1B01 SKU: BFC
Ollie New Packaging 1.88lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)1B01 SKU: US1; 1B01 SKU: RW1
BB-82.24lbs (3lbs for RMA Shipments)R001 SKU: USA; R001 SKU: ROW; R001 SKU: FCA; R0011 SKU:JPN
BB-8 Special Edition with Force Band2.375lbs (3lbs for RMA Shipments)R001 SKU: SFC; R001 SKU: SFC; S003 SKU: SAP; S003 SKU: SUS
SPRK1.78lbs (3lbs for RMA Shipments)S003 SKU: SUS; S003 SKU: SFC; S003 SKU: SAP; S003 SKU: SRW
SPRK+1.76lbs (2lbs for RMA Shipments)K001 SKU: FCA; K001 SKU: ROW; K001 SKU: JPN
All Accessories EXCEPT Spine RampsEstimate 1lbs for RMA Shipments 
Spine Ramps3.44lbs (Estimate 4lbs for RMA Shipments) 

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