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Only Getting Han's Blaster when Collecting Holocrons

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  1. If you are only getting the "Han's Blaster" Holocron, please confirm that you have completed the "Force Awareness Training" within the Force Band app.
  2. From here please close the Force Band app. 
  3. Press the button on your Force Band for 1-2 seconds. If done correctly you should hear "chose your activity"
  4. Navigate to the "Force Awareness" option within the Force Band. This will be the third option in the Force Band.
  5. Once in the Force Awareness mode in the Force Band, your band will be blinking yellow.
  6. You should now be ready to collect Holocrons. On average you may collect a Holocron every 3-12 minutes, however, times may vary. *Hint -minimal movement is required.
  7. Once you collect at least one or several Holocrons, please open the Force Band app, and navigate to the "Holocron Vault".
  8. When you open the Holocron Vault, you may see a blue graphic for 30+ seconds. Please be patient as your Holocron Vault is loading.
  9. Once loaded you will see a Holocron appear. Move your arm around until a symbol appears.
  10. Once the symbol appears, hold the position, and your will unlock.

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