Making my Programs Public [Archived]

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We know how hard you work on creating new and exciting Sphero Edu Programs! The Sphero Edu app allows you to make your Program public so that others can see your Programs and learn from what you've created.

When you make your Program public, it is sent to the Sphero Edu team for review. Acceptable programs will be approved for public viewing.

What makes a good Program?

We suggest following these guidelines to ensure your Program is approved for public viewing:

  • The Program promotes content that focuses on the Edu experience
  • The Program promotes constructive communication and interaction between Sphero Edu users
  • Use a descriptive title that relates to the Program
  • Write a description that explains to other users the purpose of the Program
  • Upload a related image

Why was my Program rejected?

You may have noticed that your Program was rejected. If we deem the content inappropriate, or irrelevant, the Program will be rejected. Many times, Programs are rejected due to the content of the thumbnail image/video. In some cases, the Program itself provides a lot of value, but we cannot approve it due to the thumbnail. Please make sure that your Program image/video does not contain weapons, violence, personal pictures/information, or scary images that could frighten young learners. These are common reasons we reject programs:

  • Anything promoting violence, or any images displaying violence or weapons
  • Profanity or other inappropriate language, even if in a direct quote
  • Hate speech, mean-spirited comments, bullying
  • Publishing personal information, including images or videos of the user or submitter
  • Users writing only in the description or via speak blocks as a way to communicate with other users.
  • Any submissions containing an attached video - only images will be accepted
  • Program descriptions that try to communicate with Sphero staff. If you have a question, or want to reach out about your Program, please contact
The Fine Print

You acknowledge that by submitting material or ideas to Sphero (a) your submissions and their contents, together with any underlying intellectual property rights therein, will become the property of Sphero without any compensation to you; and (b) Sphero may use or disclose your submissions and their contents in any manner and to any third party Sphero chooses, in its sole discretion. If your Program is accepted and finalized by our team, you agree to permit Sphero to publish it. Notwithstanding anything above, even after acceptance and finalization of content, Sphero reserves the right not to publish any Program at any time for any or no reason.

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