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The opportunity to spark student success and to inspire tomorrow's innovators should not be constrained by economic and social barriers. Sphero's commitment to educators is unwavering - we believe that every student and every teacher should have access to the tools and programs that cultivate success.

In an effort to help educators seeking funding for Sphero and littleBits products, we are providing answers to a number of questions requested in a typical grant proposal. Use the funding resources and grant examples below as guidance towards writing your own grant proposal. Feel free to contact us with any questions at

Grant Websites

Funding Resources for After-School Programs

Looking for a grant that meets the funders' criteria and your schools needs can be daunting. We recommend that you start looking at the local level first. There are many foundations and businesses that will fund an after-school program in your community if you identify a financial need or gap in educational services that justify funding. Attached are some examples of foundation grant, business grants, educational, and federal grants that support after-school programs that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.

Sample SPRK Grant

Below is a sample after-school grant for the SPRK Program. Use this as a guide. Before getting started, we recommend that you connect with your principal and school advisory board. School-based funders will look for evidence of support of the school's governing body. They provide wonderful resources for knowledge, guidance, and internal as well as external support. We also recommend developing a SPRK Educational Team of engaged teachers and administration to develop goals, objectives, timelines, and projected outcomes. In the sample SPRK grant, there is a template of how to present these in your grant. Developing an effective mission statement is vital since almost everything else you do will be affected by this statement. A mission statement describes what the group is going to do and why it is going to do it. Your mission statement should inspire others to action!

Getting Started

It is important to thoroughly review all instructions in the proposal and to know that application submission dates are never flexible. Often they will specify font size and page layout parameters. We recommend developing an outline of what is requested, timelines, and who will do what. Be sure to attach Appendix A through D with the grant. Their significance should be outlined in the submitted grant as it has been in the sample grant attached. Always submit the proposal on time; they usually request multiple copies for the review committee. Good luck and have fun!

SPRK Sample Grant

Appendix A: SPRK Curriculum

Appendix B: SPRK Curriculum Alignment with Frameworks/Standards

Appendix C: SPRK Pre-Post Test Questions

Appendix D: SPRK Pre-Post Test Answers

Sample of Grant Evaluators Rubric

SPRK Grant Rubric

This document gives you a good idea of what the grant evaluators are looking for. The SPRK Program is innovative and exceeds most expectations!

Sample Business Partnership Letter

SPRK Business Partnership Example

A business partnership letter is another great way to go to request donations for your after school SPRK educational program. Many companies are invested in the community and want to show their support in the future of our children. The sample business partnership letter can be used as a guide. The business letter should never exceed one page. Be sure to attach the SPRK curriculum when sending the business letter.

Grant + Business Partnership Outline

SPRK Grant + Business Partnership Letter

This document outlines what should be in the grant and business partnership letter.

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