Macrolab and orbBasic are no longer available for download

Updated 1 year ago by mike moran

We have decided as a company to remove Macrolab, Sphero Mini, and orbBasic from all app stores. This was done so that we can focus all of our energy on adding to and improving those apps that offer the most value to our customers. 

Current Macrolab, Sphero Mini, and orbBasic users will still be able to use those applications if they are loaded on their device, but the applications will no longer be updated or available to download. 

If you were interested in using these apps, we would recommend checking out our Sphero Edu application. It includes all of the functionality of both Macrolab and orbBasic, along with draw-based coding. Sphero Edu is the future of Sphero educational apps and offers a lot of value for casual users and educators alike. 

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