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School Features

For you schools out there using lots-o’-bots in the classroom, we developed some special features to make your lives easier:

  • Set up a classroom with student logins, assign activities and track them in real-time. For speedy setup, use our roster CSV uploader 
  • Create an activity and assign it to your class, or share it publicly with the community
  • Save your work by creating an account and jump between the apps or website
  • Disable sounds when dragging blocks to improve classroom focus. Go to Home>Settings>Canvas Sounds option

Clever Users

Clever provides a secure way for students and teachers to sign in to Sphero Edu, and syncs rosters to reflect central updates made by your IT administrator.

IT Admin Setup

  1. Request the Sphero Edu app in the Clever portal and we’ll approve it within one business day
  2. We appreciate you limiting sync requests to the schools that need it so unnecessary student data is not shared. Contact with questions
  3. Your data begins syncing the next day and users can sign in to the Sphero Edu platform with Clever

Teacher & Student Login

  1. Ensure your IT admin has set up Clever sync and it’s been approved by Sphero
  2. Go to or download the app and click "Sign in with Clever": 
  3. On the Clever sign-in page search for your school name and select it
  4. Enter your Clever username and password
  5. Edit your automated username if you choose

Sphero Edu Lessons & Activities

We at Sphero are constantly working on engaging, educational content intended for use in the classroom. Check out what we, and our community, have created to leverage the full potential of our Sphero Edu platform and robots:

Our Sphero-created Draw and Blocks intros and activities are a great place to start. Once students have an understanding of the concepts, we recommend moving into specific activities geared towards specific curriculum. If you have a class set up, assign activities to your students that complement and enrich your lesson plans. 

If you're interested in taking a deep-dive into utilizing Sphero Edu to its full potential in the classroom, send an email to

Common Core Standards

Many of our activities align with CCSS and NGSS educational standards in a variety of subjects, and there is much more to come! 

Activities and lessons are also searchable on the activities page of the Sphero Edu website using the "Edu Standards" filter. 

IT and Sphero Edu 

The Sphero Edu application requires that your network allow traffic over Ports 80 & 443. If you're experiencing issues connecting to the application on your network, check that those ports are open. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please follow the link to open a new support ticket.

Or feel free to contact us at your convenience:


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