Difficulties with Google Sign In

Sara Sampson Updated by Sara Sampson

There is a known bug that prevents users from signing in to Sphero Edu using Google Sign In.

If you're trying to access Sphero Edu via Google Sign In, but are having difficulties, please try going to https://edu.sphero.com in a browser and using your Google Sign In. If you are able to log in via the browser, but unable to in the Windows or Mac app, there is not a fix for getting your Google Sign In to work with the app.

Google has been increasing security measures in regard to SSO, and as a result, they block some accounts from signing into our Sphero Edu app.

If you have successfully logged in via a browser, but are still unable to log in via the apps, the best solution is to create a new login with a username and password for use with the Windows or Mac apps.

Our team is working on a solution for this. If you have any questions, please reach out to support@sphero.com.

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