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Connecting Sphero to Device

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Sphero connects to phones differently than our other robots – Sphero connects through Bluetooth Classic. This means that you must select Sphero in your phone’s Bluetooth settings before connecting in-app. The Sphero will appear as Sphero-_ _ _ on your phone’s Bluetooth list.

These 3 blanks will be replaced with 3 letters. These letters will correspond to the colors the Sphero is flashing when it is first woken up. An example would be ROB. The Sphero that is associated with this code would flash Red, Orange, and then Blue.

If you're connected successfully, the Sphero will be glowing with a soft white light.

Things that may affect proper connection to phone/app: 

  • Location Services should be turned ON
  • Sphero is already paired with another device (needs to be unpaired) 
  • Sphero not fully charged

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