Droid Inventor Kit Instructions

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Full instructions for inventing with your Droid™ along with the controls can be found on the Droid Inventor app.

  • The first 4 missions tell you how to put your Droid together. Missions 1 & 2 teach you about your Bits and how they work together, and missions 3 & 4 let you know how to construct the plastic body of your Droid. While we encourage you to follow along in the Droid Inventor app, you can also find written instructions below.  


At the end of Mission 1, you will be prompted to connect your circuit to your smart device. We recommend following these instructions through the Droid Inventor app as well.

 01  Locate all 6 Bits in your Droid Inventor Kit

  • p4 power 
  • i8 proximity sensor
  • w1 wire
  • w32 control hub
  • o11 servo
  • o25 DC motor

02 Identify the bitsnap and its 3 metal pins - this is how Bits talk to each other

03 Wipe the metal pins on every bitsnap with a clean, soft cloth (like a shirt).


04 Set aside the wire bit and the proximity sensor bit. You’ll use them later.

05 Gather your battery, cable, and p4 power bits.  Identify the top side of your power bit.

06 Assemble the power bit

07 Identify the switch on the power bit

08 Power on

09 Snap the control hub to the power bit (it should light up and make a Droid noise)

 Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re ready to connect your SMART DEVICE to your control hub. You can do this by going to Mission 1 on the Droid Inventor App and navigating past step 9. You’ll see a screen like this:


Press “Connect” and place your SMART DEVICE near your Droid’s control hub to connect

Once your smart device is connected, you will see this screen:

Press “Done” to continue on to make different Droid sounds! 


01 Power off

02 Snap the DC motor Bit to bitsnap 3 on the control hub Bit 

03 Set the DC motor to 'VAR' mode

04 Snap the servo bit to the center bitsnap on the control hub bit

05 Set the servo Bit to ‘Turn’ mode 

06 Add the wheel hook and the small wheel to the servo Bit

07 Power on

On your smart device, click “Try it out” to move your Droid and Servo motors.

(Alternatively, click "Droid Controls" from the home screen and choose "Sliders" from the Swap menu in the upper left.)


01 Power off

02 Slide the battery into the battery mount 

03 Set your circuit aside

04 Click your mounting block onto the wheel frame one side at a time

05 Attach the drive gear and axle to the wheel frame

06 Press Hard to attach the large wheels onto the axle

07 Press your circuit firmly onto the front of the mounting block

08 Press your battery firmly onto the back of the mounting block


09 Add the spike gear to the DC motor Bit 

10 Click the DC motor Bit assembly into the clips under the wheel frame    


11 Press hard to attach the servo bit to assembly to the wheel frame

12 Power on

 If you are connected to your smart device, you can click “Try it out” to drive your Droid.

(Alternatively, click "Droid Controls" from the home screen and choose "Joystick" from the Swap menu in the upper left.)


01 Power off

02 Arrange your motor cables so they are out of the way

03 Click the body base onto the wheel frame

04 Click the body onto the body base

05 Attach the front panel to the body

06 Press hard to attach your Droid’s legs firmly to the body 

07 Press to click the head onto the body


08 Power on

 Your Droid is ready to drive! Click “Try it out” from your smart device to drive your Droid.

(Alternatively, click "Droid Controls" from the home screen and choose "Drive Controls" from the Swap menu in the upper left.)

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