Which Robots work with CS Foundations?

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While Computer Science Foundations (CSF) was designed to pair with BOLT, about 80% of the activities in each of the three course books that are compatible with SPRK+ and Sphero Mini. CSF is not compatible with indi, as indi is not controlled by the Sphero EDU app.

Roughly 20% of the activities featured in the CSF course books only work with features of the Sphero BOLT app-enabled robot due to Sphero BOLT's design.

With regard to whether one set of course books is "better" for use with Sphero SPRK+ or Sphero Mini, generally speaking, no.

The primary difference among the three course books is the level of complexity of the activities (Course 1 features activities that are more appropriate for beginner students/educators and progresses to Course 3 which features more complicated activities for advanced users).

Right now there is no CSF content that is tailored specifically for RVR in the print course books themselves, though we have added extensions for Course 2 and Course 3 for RVR in the content online that comes with purchase of the CSF course books. About 60% of the content with RVR can be found in the online content available through those two courses: 19 of 24 activities in the online Course 2 content can be completed with RVR, and 10 of 24 activities in the online Course 3 content can be completed with RVR. Some of the BOLT-specific activities in the print course books that utilize infrared (IR) can also be used with RVR, though require modification by the educator to do so.

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