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Can I make my own color cards?

indi was designed to read the specific colors on the cards that came with your robot. By experimenting, you may be able to find a colored piece of paper or marker that closely resembles the colors on the card/tiles - if the color you're experimenting with is nearly identical, indi should be able to read and respond to your colored piece of paper/marker*.

To help get you started, below are the Pantone color codes used for our Color Cards and Durable Tiles. Pantone provides rough RGB and CMYK equivalents, but because the colors on our cards our quite neon, the RGB and CMYK colors may not be an exact match.


Pantone Color Code

















*You will always have the best experience when using the provided cards/tiles.

Can I write or color on the color cards?

We do not suggest writing or coloring on the color cards as this can affect how indi interprets the color on the card.

Can I order more color cards?

Yes, you can order replacement Color Cards and Durable Tiles.

Can I use other stickers or tape to secure the cards?

We get it - stickers are fun. If you run out of the white stickers to secure your color cards to the floor, you can use painters tape as an alternative. We don't recommend using other types of tape as they may damage your color cards.

How do I clean the durable tiles?

Because the durable tiles stick so well to the floor, that means dirt and hair also stick well to them! You can use any of the below methods to clean your durable tiles.

  1. Use a lint roller to collect any of the debris on the tiles
  2. Wash with warm water and dish soap
  3. The tiles can also be placed in a washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle with no detergent. The tiles should not be put in the dryer.
How many of each color card and/or durable tile is included in my kit?

Inside the indi Student Kit there is a sticker on the lid that has the total number of tiles that belong in each kit with the breakdown of the colors. 

For reference, each indi Student Kit has 20 durable tiles including 2x red, 3x orange, 2x yellow, 3x green, 3x teal, 3x blue, 1x purple, 3x pink.

Each Indi at Home Learning Kit (available for sale on our Amazon Store.) has 30 color cards including 5x green, 4x yellow, 3x red, 2x purple, 3x teal, 3x orange, 5x blue, 5x pink

Each indi Class Pack has 8 sets of 20 durable tiles and 2 sets of 30 color cards as described above.

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