Sphero Mini device compatibility

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The Sphero Mini robot utilizes the Sphero Play application. The app is Platform Agnostic and works with many BLE iOS and Android devices.  Specific operating systems and device requirements are as follows:


Device Model
OS Version
iPad 4+
iOS 10+
iPad Mini 2+    iOS 10+
iPhone 5+    
iOS 10+
iPod Touch 6th Generation +
iOS 10+


Android devices, while having OS 5.0 or higher, must have all of the following hardware in order to use the Sphero Mini application:

Bluetooth LE (4.0)
Front facing camera
Distinct multi-touch touchscreen
Hardware sensors including gyroscope and accelerometer
WiFi capabilities


    The application is not compatible with Windows at this time. 


    The application is not compatible with Chrome at this time. 


    The application is not compatible with Kindle at this time. 

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