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Android Error Message 907 Or 963

mike moran Updated by mike moran

Uninstall the App before following the steps below: 

1. Clear the application/Data for the Google Play Store and Google Play Services through the Application Manager in Settings

    • See clearCache.mp4 below

2. Reopen the Play Store app, navigate to Settings and scroll to the bottom to check the build version. It should be on 6.0.5, if it’s not, ensure the device is connected to the internet and wait for Google Play to update.

    • See checkVersion.mp4 below

3. Navigate to Settings on device, select Storage and select: “Unmount SD Card”

    • See unmountSD.mp4 below 

4. Navigate back to the Play Store and attempt to download the app.

5. Observe the results. If the issue continues, try removing SD Card and repeating steps in order. If the problem persists, contact us at as it may be a different issue.

6. By now, the app should be working properly, remount SD Card by repeating step 3, and select: “Mount SD Card”

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